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Central Tunisia Map


This area is too far from Tunis for day trips. There are a number of interesting Roman sites like Makthar, Sbeitla or Haidra. These sites and other points of interest are marked with orange arrows on the regional map. You can find more information on the looklex website http://lexicorient.com/tunisia/index.htm and in travel guides.

1. Jebel Trozza – Abandoned Lead-Zinc Mine
2. Kesra Village
3. Jugurtha Table – Hike


Kairouan: see ‘Central Coast’

Le Kef: see ‘Northern Tunisia’

Sbeitla has a good hotel too.


1. Jebel Trozza – Abandoned Lead-Zinc Mine

Take the road from Kairouan to Gafsa. Turn off the main road at the southwest side of Jebel Trozza. There is a sign ‘Trozza’. A narrow paved road wiggles its way towards the Jebel. After crossing a big wadi look for the abandoned lead-zinc mine on the slope of Jebel Trozza. It’s quite an extensive site dominated by a tall clocktower. Look for the remnants of ‘Café Restaurant de Paris’.

From the town of Ala’a a scenic road leads up the north side of Jebel Trozza. The views are great.

Jebel Trozza

Jebel Trozza Abandoned Lead/Zinc Mine

2. Kesra

Kesra is just off the road between Makthar and Kairouan. It is the highest village in Tunisia with an elevation of more than 1000 meters. Apparently it even snows some years though this was hard to imagine the day we visited the village. The setting of the village is very scenic and views of the surrounding area are beautiful.

A new traditional museum opened in 2009. For more information see:


3. Jugurtha Table Hike

This flat-topped mountain can be seen from the Le Kef to Kasserine road. As friends told us the hike to the top of the Jugurtha Table is worth the efforts for the incredible views you can enjoy from the top. Unfortunately, we never got to do it.

Jugurtha Table

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