Tunisia Travel Itineraries

Here is a list of our favorite hikes and mountain bike rides; and suggestions for road trips from Tunis.

  • Raf Raf Ridge (C2)
  • Cap Bon Lighthouse (B4)
  • Star Wars Canyon near Tozeur (G4)

  • Jebel Kalbi near Grombalia (B15)
  • Ras ben Sekka (C5)
  • Cap Zebib (C3)
  • Jebel Zaribah at Zriba (D2)
  • Kef er Rennd (B3)


There are a number of very scenic drives offering great views:

Cap Bon:
  • The road approaching Korbous from south (B1)
  • The road to Kef er Rennd (Central Ridge) (B3)
  • El Haouaria: Road to radio towers (B4)

South of Tunis:
  • Jebel Sidi Zid, Jebel Zaghuan; Jebel Zaribah (4x4), Takrouna (B)
  • Tabarka: Take the road towards the Algerian border (best in late afternoon) (C9)
  • Le Kef: The ‘High Road’ from Jendouba over the hills to Le Kef (C13)
Southern Tunisia:
  • The road from Medenine to Matmata (F4)
  • Crossing the saltflats of Chott el Jerid (G5)
  • The road from Tozeur to Tamerza (G)

  • Tunis (easy to do by taxi; saves the headache of finding parking in particular at the Medina)
  • Medina, Bardo Museum, Sidi bou Said

One Day Trips from Tunis
  • Raf Raf area
  • Ras ben Sekka
  • Cap Bon
  • Dougga
  • ‘Tunisia in 1 Day’: Nabeul – Hammamet – Takrouna – Zriba – Zaghouan – Oudna
  • Kairouan – El Djem (coliseum and museum); that’s a long day.

Two Day Trips from Tunis
  • North: Overnight in Tabarka with stops in Dougga, Bulla Regia, Ain Draham. Second day stops at northern coast
  • Central Coast: Overnight in Kairouan (or Monastir/Sousse) with stops in El Djem, Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse

Two+ Day Trips from Tunis
  • North: Nights in Tabarka and Le Kef
  • Central Coast: Nights in Kairouan and along the coast in Monastir or Sousse
  • Overnight in Tabarka and Kairouan for the ‘big northern trip’: Stops in Dougga, Bulla Regia, Ain Draham, Tabarka, Le Kef, Kesra, Kairouan, El Djem

Multi Day Southern Trips
  • Drive south from Tunis with stops on the way south in El Djem, Kairouan, or Sbeitla
  • Fly to Djerba or Tozeur and back; spend time in either area
  • Fly to Djerba or Tozeur and rent a car one way to fly back to Tunis from the other airport
  • Depending on time available nights in Tataouine/Douiret, Matmata, Ksar Ghilane, Douz, Tozeur, Tamerza, or Gafsa
  • Our favourite southern trip
  • Day 1: Early morning flight from Tunis to Djerba; spend morning in souk at Houmt Souk; drive to Tataouine (~2 hours); night in Douiret Berber village
  • Day 2: Visit Chenini, Ksar Hadada and drive to Matmata; night in Matmata
  • If you have an extra day: Night in Ksar Ghilane
  • Day 3: From Matmata drive to Douz; in afternoon camel ride into desert and spend night in bedu tent
  • Day 4: Return to Douz in the morning; drive across Chott el Jerid; hike the Star Wars Canyon; night in Tozeur (Douz – Tozeur 2 hours drive)
  • Day 5: Another night in Tozeur or Tamerza; drive to Tamerza area for hikes
  • Day 6: Tozeur / Tamerza area; fly back to Tunis in afternoon.

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